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Why Indus Fast Remit?

HIGHLY Competetive Exchange Rates & FREE Money Transfers
Highly Secure Money Transfers
Dedicated Customer Support
Trusted by Thousands Across the US, Canada and Australia
Send Money to 100+ Banks in India

About Us

IndusInd Bank stands tall today as one of the reputed banking brands in India. For IndusInd Bank, the "Customer Responsiveness" theme has always been of paramount importance to provide customer satisfaction.

IndusInd bank has been generating first of kind services and innovations like My Account My Number, Choice Money ATMs, Video Branch Banking, Fingerprint banking, Cash-on-Mobile, Direct Connect, Quick Redeem Service and 365 Days Banking. Through Indus Fast Remit, an online money transfer service, IndusInd bank has served thousands of satisfied remitters across the USA, Canada and Australia for many years. Indus Fast Remit is fast emerging as the preferred choice for money transfers to India.